Mock Coup!

Osman Mirghani

Regardless of who was behind the failed coup attempt, it seems to be nearer to a “mock exam” which the schools use to gauge student readiness.

Although the Sudanese people who manage to overthrow the dictatorship of the Al-Bashir regime are not in a position to accept any coup idea because they learned from the previous coups that the coups bring more scourge, it is very strange that the people seemed indifferent and looks suspiciously to the coup news.

The daily activities were very normal even in the areas near the armored corps.

The absence of any security measures such as the stationing of armored vehicles near the bridges and important public institutions indicated that the coup was not well arranged.

The question which came to the minds of the public is how was a coup, which expanded to for military complexes, aborted without hearing the sound of one bullet?

The infiltrations in the recent days before the coup indicated that there is an imminent coup, and even the official parties of the civilian component in the government repeated the accusations that the incidents of eastern Sudan are preapprehensions to a coup, but despite that, there were no signals about the counter arrangements for the expected ominous scenario.

This was clear after the abortion of the coup as there was no Plan (B) ready to deal with the coup.

Even the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok, called on the Sudanese people to protect their revolution and the democratic transition; but he realized quickly that the transition institutions are completely absent.

The dangerous loophole that may abort the transitional government is the failure of governance partners in building vital institutions through which the state could be built.

It is apparent that the result of the mock exam was a great failure!

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