Peace Building: A Step Towards the Stability of Nations

Neimat AlNaiem

War with its severe meanings conflicts, disputes, displacement, refuge, unemployment, homelessness, illegal migration, human trafficking, drug smuggling, has made me very anxious about how could we rebuild our destroyed nations.

Africa had suffered for years from such civil wars, borders conflicts, that negatively affected the internal economies of the African countries as well as political stability.

Rwanda is a successful model of these African countries that overcome its internal issues and become at the top of the developed African countries.

The post-war era usually needs great efforts to set strategies, policies, and plans. African centers and institutes should play a major role in guiding society by raising awareness, capacity building of political leaders, experts, and even youth and women to make a change.

The African Center for Governance peace and Transitional studies (Acogaps ) based in Khartoum expect to play such a role, for it has a strong link with African countries. Changing from war to peace is a long process, that facing challenges and obstacles. So to change from the status of war to peace, insecurity to security, crisis to positive change, relief to development, poverty to self-reliance, exclusion to representation are the focal points on which we achieve change.

Such Specialized centers work hard to build peace, are considered spots in the darkness of war. To protect civilians, to curb the negative aspects threat of Africa in general and Sudan is not isolated from what is running in the arena are the urgent requirements of the post war era.

Capability building, training workshops, raising awareness through these distinctive centers that serve all of Africa will mobilize the whole society.

It is high time for our leaders and decision-makers to cooperate and benefit from these research centers that provide good services to the leaders before the citizens.

The goodwill, political will, pave the way to peace and stability. Peace is the key to building nations. Youth can play their role in change for they have access to the most developed technology to assist in making change and rebuild our nations. This long process of peace building is a key to achieve stability and welfare in our nations.

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