The Easiest Job!

Osman Mirghani

One of the Sudanese famous jokes is that the easiest job in the world is being the Secretary-General of the United Nations because all that is required from you is to express concern or interest and sometimes call on the UN member states to provide assistance.

In my view that is an easier job than that of UNSG, that is the job of Sudan’s Prime Minister.

Even before the swearing-in of the PM,  his sworn in, the people are continuously affirming accomplishment of the mission and chant (Thank You Hamadok), a matter that means that the job is finished even before the start whistle!

Days after days the people are forgiving the mistakes of the PM, just because he is leading the cabinet that replaced the ousted regime and that is to anger the fans of the other team (the deep state)!

In their attempts to correct the revolutionary path, people go to the streets now and then but without knowing even the path which needs to be corrected. The government claims that there is has no clear plan and that simply means that there is no path!

There is no sign of clear demands to be dealt with by the government, and that leads to the present noticeable slow in the performance of the government.

If this situation continues, there will be no progress, considering that the relation between the government and its people is the first step toward reform and success.

It is high time for the government and the people to work out an urgent plan to firstly assess the relation between and to make the necessary reforms to avoid the ongoing collapse which is leading to the failure in providing the requirements of the people.

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