The Last Chance for the International Community

Mohammed Saad Kamel

Within three decades the priorities of Sudan’s foreign policy of the Salvation regime were represented by enhancing the ability of the ruling party to remain in governance without any consideration to the interests of the national interests of the country.

This led to the falling of Sudan in a type of international isolation imposed by the US Administration due to the support of Sudan to the terrorism, This was accompanied by narrowing the scope of the movement of the ousted president Al-Bashir as a result of the ICC indictment and the arrest warrant issued against him for his involvement in war crimes in Darfur.

This situation made the transitional governance institutions inherit a heavy burden in the tensioned foreign relations, a matter that necessitates mending the foreign relation one of the top priorities of the transitional government to bring an end to the international isolation and to safeguard the required support for the transition process internally.

In this regard, the recent months have witnessed improvement in Sudan’s foreign relations regionally and internationally a matter that made this aspect on top o the developments since the start of the transitional period.

But after more than two years, the international community through the UN institutions and the great powers are giving Sudan more advice and praises without any effective role on the ground, while Sudan is inching to complete collapse.

We don’t need praise for the freedom of expression or democratic transformation or gender, but we need food, medicine, and shelter.

All the international institutions are doing now is intervention in Sudan’s internal affairs through the attempts of activating new laws and legislations besides activating dubious organizations that work in changing deep-rooted social conceptions in Sudan.

My friend Nazar, who is a renowned journalist, told me that the hungry man never thinks about democracy or the rights of the same sex or the equality between the male and the female, but what he thinks about is how to get earning to feed himself.

It is high time for the international community to provide support to build a strategic, developed, and stable economy, after which the democratic transformation could be looked on, considering that The democracy never keeps up with poverty, and to avoid making Sudan a place of security fragility that might affect the whole region.

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