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Al-Burhan Receives Credentials of the French Ambassador in Khartoum

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Today, the Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Abdulfattah Al-Burhan, received the credentials of Ambassador Raja Rabie, as the French ambassador to Sudan.

In a press statement, the French ambassador expressed her happiness that her appointment would accompany the democratic transformation that Sudan is witnessing.

The ambassador praised the great achievements of the transitional government and the fruitful cooperation between the military and civilians that ensures the stability of the country and enhances the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement, noting that the tasks of the new transitional government are still difficult.

Ambassador Ragaa commended what has already been achieved with regard to individual freedoms, stressing the importance of preserving human rights, especially with regard to freedom of expression, press and women’s rights, and said that these achievements must be reinforced by establishing a legislative council.

Her Excellency explained that the revolution contributed to the normalization of Sudan’s relations with the international community and enabled international partners to unite during the Paris Conference

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