Blue Nile Governor Commits to Change Negative Social Norms Towards Achieving Values

Damazine: Haffiya Abdalla — Lieutenant-General Ahmed El-Omda Badi, governor of the Blue Nile region, called for concerted efforts to prevent violence against children, joint action, and coordination between all civil society institutions. He called on the youth to invest in their energies to build a happy society and fight harmful habits.

Badi also called yesterday during addressing the opening session of the National Youth Conference (9) in Blue Nile State under the slogan, ( Youth Leaders of Change ), called for spreading a culture of peace, combating violence, and spreading awareness, development, and production between youth.

The Governor pointed out that The Blue Nile conference is considered a great opportunity and an interactive platform for all those who are committed to change negative social norms particularly Female Genital Cutting -FGM Marriage Abandonment in Blue Nile Region.

The Secretary-General of the National Council for Child Welfare, Abdul Qadir Abdullah Abu welcomed the leaders of the Juba Peace Agreement, Malik Agar and Gabriel Ibrahim, who led the peace process in the country.

He praised the efforts of all organizations working in the field of childhood in protecting children and developing society.

It is worth noting that the objectives of the conference are to contribute to integrate and highlight the role and privacy of the Blue Nile region in the joint program to eliminate FGM and Child Marriage, accelerate change, and create a safe and empowering platform to raise the voice of the Sudanese Youth activists to help advance gender equality and end existing violence on gender.

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