Fortuitously Rulers!

Al-Tahir Satti

Last Thursday, in the weekly forum of Al-Tayar daily newspaper, the spokesperson of the Central Committee of the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), Jaafar Hassan Osman confessed that they raised the slogan “Just Fall, That Is All”, but when he regime was overthrown, the FFC discovered that they don’t have any vision for running the country.

Jaafar was right because those geniuses who were in the opposition for three decades never thought of designing a program to rule the country when they assume power.

Those old political parties have several secretariats e.g. economic, culture, foreign affairs, strategic planning, etc. Those secretariats are supposed to set the plans for ruling the country after they managed to overthrow the iron-fist regime, but in reality, those secretariats were just skeletons without any spirits or ideas.

The political parties were only opposing the ruling regime without setting a plan for the ruling. They were surprised by the popular uprising, so they just join the youth revolution.

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) was mistaken in giving the keys of the power to the political parties, as the  SPA should have entered into a partnership with the military component and select a government of technocrats with specific missions.

Later on, the revolutionaries recognized that the power was handed to those who do not have visions to rule Sudan, and they discovered that the SPA was just an interface of some political parties.

Assuming that 17th November is the date of the rotation of the presidency of the Sovereignty Council from military to the civilian component, has the FFC clear agreed on a vision for this transformation?

The question that poses itself is who is the nominated civilian person who is supposed to replace Al-Burhan? What is the mechanism of the nomination? Will he be an independent figure or affiliated with one of the political parties?

Unfortunately, there is no answer, and despite that, they speak about the domination of the military.

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