India Maintains Relatively Good Bilateral Relations with Sudan Since 1956

Ahmed Hassan Hurga

Political and diplomatic relations always have been based on mutual interests and promote the diplomatic and political communication process among nations all over the world, Sudan since its independence in 1956 had adopted clear distinguished diplomacy which followed specific policies to normalize its bilateral ties with others in accordance of international treaties intending to communicate with the international community, and in its regional arena to enhance its relationship with African countries in the context of the regional and the joint interests and benefits.

The Sudanese diplomacy is based on how to open towards others due to exchange the experience and to participate in restoring peace and stability because Sudan is a country that loves peace and security, so that it adopts flexible diplomacy calls for peace, security, and stability, on the other hand, Sudan’s stance towards other nations deal with cooperation in all aspects, and the Sudanese diplomacy has played an important role in its regional and international arenas, and now Sudan has strong relations with the worldwide States.

India is a State which normalized its relations with Sudan and has maintained relatively good bilateral relations with Sudan since 1956, although the two countries have engaged in little active trade or exchange of nationals. India has actively assisted Sudan in development cooperation, especially in the field of basic human needs such as food security, primary health care, water, and sanitation from the 1980s to the early 1990s.

When we look at the peacebuilding process as defined by India’s charter, constituting of the facilitation of peace negotiation, stabilization by United Nations (UN) peacekeeping forces, consolidation of peace, and reconstruction and development, we can see that India’s involvement is heavily focused on peace consolidation as well as reconstruction and development through India’s charter which has supported Sudan by delivering peace dividends to the country and Sudanese people as well as by supporting the agendas of a comprehensive peace agreement between Khartoum government and SPLM/A.

India welcomes the signature on series of agreements, including security agreement oil and nationality with the government of South Sudan this shows that India’s keenness on the continuing peace process in Sudan. India also played respect crucial role to promote cooperation with Sudan in all domains; it regards Sudan as one of the most important countries for carving out peace and stability in Africa and the world, having vast fertile lands and being rich in natural and great human resources. India is convinced that the peace and stability in Sudan will greatly benefit not only the regional arena but also the international community so that it commits itself to devote its utmost efforts to cooperate with Sudan in touching various issues that Sudan faces.

 New Delhi contributes more particularly in the field of investment; it has played a vital role in discovering oil in the African largest country through its companies that have advanced and progressive technology the investment activity assists more in the development of the relations of the two countries.

The Indian Diplomatic Mission in Khartoum spares no efforts and works with the Sudanese government in one glove to transform their relations from tradition to strategic through which both of them can create permanent partnership aims to achieve their goal end.

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