Misleading the Sudanese Nation

Osman Mirghani

In the first days after the victory of the December revolution and overthrowing the dictatorship rule, a prominent British journalist working in one of the renowned international papers conducted an interview with me on the future of Sudan after the success of the revolution.

A year later, I received a call from that journalist and I thought that he is going to conduct another interview, but to my surprise, he asked me how come all that I expected to happen after the revolution has become a reality on the ground?

I told him that I am not a genius, but I just recalled the previous history of Sudan and what is going on is a repetition of that history.

Palmistry or palm reading in Sudan doesn’t need more than going back to the archive of Sudan and what was published in the papers or the official documents available in the National Records Office, then classifying the events of the history according to the appropriate titles.

One of the broad lines is the Misleading of the Sudanese Nation roster after a successful revolution that overthrew an ugly dictatorship. The leaders or say the officials who are assumed to translate the slogans of the revolution into reality started putting the people on the track to confront delusional goals targeting the transitional period.

They call the revolutionaries to head toward the head office of Dismantling the  June 30th Regime and Removing Empowerment to protect it from sabotage, while eastern Sudan is in a crisis which might lead to cessation and no step was taken to rescue the situation.

This approach is just a repetition of what happened after October 1964 and April 1985 uprisings in creating battles against delusional goals, then it was discovered that the real threat is from other issues.

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