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Terrorist Cell Arrested in Sudan!

Brown Land Exclusive

According to military sources, in a special statement to Brown Land, they confirmed that a terrorist cell was attacked in the center of Khartoum with a joint force between the armed forces, the Rapid Support Forces, the police, and the intelligence, and the source said that they found the members of the terrorist cell in a state of complete readiness in terms of armament and combat experience, as the source added that He preferred not to mention his name because the joint force tried all methods at the beginning of the clash to deal in accordance with human rights treaties in order not to shed blood.

However, the cell did not surrender and continued firing for an extended period, which ended with the arrest of a number of them and handing them over to the competent authorities. The government forces also counted a martyr and 4 wounded, as the source indicated that an expected more presence and extension of these cells in Sudan due to the state of liquidity and security fragility.

It is worth noting that this operation is the second this month, as another terrorist cell was arrested about a week ago.

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