“Youth are Leaders of Change”

The Blue Nile State Hosts the 9th National Youth Conference

Haffiya Abdalla

Blue Nile Region and
National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW) ،
Child Welfare Council – Blue Nile Region in cooperation with UNICEF and UNFPA,
Youth Mechanism for Child Protection organized the 9th National Youth Conference from 11-13
October 2021″Under the slogan: Youth are Leaders of Change”

Damazine – The aim of the conference is to contribute , integrate and to highlight the role and privacy of the Blue Nile region in the “Joint Program to Eliminate FGM(and Child Marriage)”: Accelerate Change, and create a safe and empowering platform that contributes to raising the voices of Sudanese youth activists – to help advance gender equality and end existing violence On gender, including female genital mutilation and child marriage in Sudan, through:providing a platform and wide space to support the youth to express themselves, learn from each other about abandoning FGM, and CM ,to reflect on challenges and address constraints through the exchange of information, experiences, knowledge, skills, best practices and lessons learned ,providing the members of the conference with the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to explain the Social Norm arguments and measurement for the abandonment of FGM and child marriage , providing a space for youth to contribute to sustainable peace building model for Sudan by the symbolism of this region, including the peace process and its stages, and peacemaking as a starting point for social change.

Lieutenant-General Ahmed El-Omda Badi, governor of the Blue Nile region, called for concerted efforts to prevent violence against children, joint action, and coordination between all civil society institutions. He called on the youth to invest in their energies to build a happy society and fight harmful habits.

Badi also called during addressing the National Youth Conference (9) in Blue Nile State under the slogan “Youth Leaders of Change” calling for spreading a culture of peace, combating violence, and spreading awareness, development, and production between youth.

The Governor pointed out that The Blue Nile conference is considered a great opportunity and an interactive platform for all those who are committed to change negative social norms particularly Female Genital Cutting -FGM Marriage Abandonment in Blue Nile Region.

The Secretary-General of the National Council for Child Welfare, Abdul Qadir Abdullah Abu welcomed the leaders of the Juba Peace Agreement, Malik Agar and Gabriel Ibrahim, who led the peace process in the country.

He praised the efforts of all organizations working in the field of childhood in protecting children and developing society.

Zeinab “Zooba” Salih was one of the participants of the 9th National Youth Conference and the vice-president of the union for motor disability in South Darfur state and an advocate against Gender-Based Violence (GBV). She is very active in her community, fighting against FGM, and child marriage.

“I was one of the people leading the emergency street initiative in Nyala in South Darfur and provide healthcare services to people in need,” She said.

The activities of the conference will contribute to achieving the outcome of the global joint program with the UN agencies “Social movement, with children, adolescents and youth activists for positive change to abandon female genital mutilation and mutilation and (child marriage)”, to advance the process of work in the field of childhood to fulfill By local, national, regional and international charters and agreements related to childhood.

UNICEF Sudan Representative Mandeep O’Brien said “empowering women & girls is key to attain SDGs. We need to assist young girls to grow into empowered women who have access to proper healthcare& education and equal opportunities in a world free from GBV& FGM”.

The Blue Nile Conference is considered a great opportunity and an interactive platform for all those who are committed to Social Norm change particularly Female Genital Cutting-FGM and Child Marriage abandonment in Blue Nile Region.

The Blue Nile Youth Conference comes to highlight and reflect the Region’s efforts to deepen the role of youth in bringing about the desired change to promote positive social norms regarding FGM and child marriage within the framework of the “Global Joint Program to Eliminate FGM: Accelerating Change” supported by Global Joint Program and “Sudan Free of FGM” program, the program supported by FCDO in partnership with the Government, UNICEF, and UNFPA.

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