Astonishing and Surprising Phenomenon!

Osman Mirghani

In a group of social media outlets, I read an important interaction in which the writer said that he recognized a considerable increase in selling real estate with its furniture. He deduced that the owners of those real estates and furniture are intending to migrate outside the country.

In reality, the rush to the exit gates is not limited to the youth who pay all that they own to find a seat in a death-boat who crosses the Mediterranean with an equal chance of survival or death.

When the social media outlets circulate tragic news about the death and drowning of human trafficking victims in the ocean along with the photos that show the remains of the dead bodies, there appears no reaction of sympathy or sadness for the loses of the lives of those illegal migrants, considering it as ordinary daily news!

Back to those who want to sell their properties to migrate outside the country, they believe that by the price of what they sell, they can buy real estate in Turkey or Egypt where they can find better education for their children with appropriate health care instead of living in a deteriorating situation in Sudan.

On the other hand, there is migration into the country from abroad for those who felt that the environment has become conducive for them after the revolution.

The situation in Sudan is deteriorating day after day, not only in terms of the price hikes, the rareness of services, and the bad environment but in the accumulated disappointment after the revolution and the political failure in ruling the country to boost stability.

In conclusion, our country is in dire need of a new idea to catch up with the civilized nations.

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