Don’t Miss the Chance!

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

The violence targeting the recent peaceful demonstrations has no justifications. On the contrary, it will escalate the feeling of hatred towards the security forces.

The youth who decided to go to the streets do not want more than express their stances towards what is going on in their country in peaceful demonstrations dominated by civil conduct as all the people in other nations do.

The people who go to the streets have clear demands which could be easily responded to without any burdens.

The people who managed two years ago to remove one of the most abominable dictatorships in the region are aspiring to enjoy dignified life especially after the whole world recognized their sacrifices to get their freedom from the iron-fist regime.

All that the Sudanese people want is a dignified life within the rule of law state which is tasked to provide and keep the rights of the citizens.

The first principle of the rule of law state is to provide and respect the covenants.

The Constitutional Document which was signed by the political components and the military component should be respected considering that the international community representatives were witnesses and grantors for its implementation.

Whatever defects in the signed Constitutional Document and the wrong practices in its implementation, there is not one reason to disregard it; but it should be reviewed to deal with those defects and take to necessary steps to fill the gaps and loopholes through the recognized legal principles.

The correction of the path could also be through the known legal and acceptable means. This could only be done if each of the two rivals moves a step forward towards the other, so they can meet in a middle area from which they can resume the voyage of the transition towards democracy.

God bless Sudan.

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