Joint Forces with Specific Task, Calls for Security Arrangements Implementation

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Darfur states, especially North and West Darfur were subject to tribal conflicts among the different groups of the population due to the historic conflict between the nomads and the farmers over the declining resource, besides the continuous looting and burglary practices along with the nature of those states which are neighbors to each of Chad and Libya.

This comes within the fragile security situations in the area and the delay in the implementation of the security arrangements for the signatory armed struggle movements, besides the non-signatory armed groups.

According to Arab origin tribes in Darfur, those groups are practicing continuous looting and burglary of the livestock to provide support and food to the forces under their command, along with pushing their communities to enter into tribal clashes to achieve political gains.

Accordingly, activists from Darfur organized a protesting stand in front of the council of ministers buildings as they forwarded a memo that detailed the violations in the region by those groups. The memo included several demands on top of which is calling for the formation of a neutral investigation committee, besides protecting the nomads to stop the attacks of the signatory and non-signatory groups.

The memo called on the humanitarian organizations in Sudan to provide the required support to the nomads who were affected by the recent incidents.

The memo called on the transitional government and the government of the Darfur region to send the armed groups troops outside the cities to be stationed away from the towns to cope with the security arrangements protocol; besides launching a firearms collection campaign from the IDPs camps.

We believe that responding to such demands will lead to achieving peace and security in Darfur.

Most important is to stop the hate speech phenomenon and promote the culture of accepting others considering that Sudan can accommodate all Sudanese despite its social, cultural, and tribal diversity, along with promoting coexistence principles among the different components.

The existence of firearms in the hands of the citizens represents a great threat to security and stability.

It is worth noting that deadly clashes erupt in three separate areas with poor medical facilities as the wider Darfur region sides into violence.

Tribal fighting has killed dozens of people over the past three weeks in three separate areas of Darfur and thousands of people have fled the violence.

West Darfur Doctors committee said in statements that attacks in the Kreinik area killed 88 and wounded 84, while renewed violence in the Jebel Moon area killed 25 and wounded four.

Meanwhile, violence in the Sabra locality killed eight and wounded six a matter that created a wave of ice from the outskirts into the town, with a humanitarian situation that can be described at the very least as catastrophic.

In Jebel Moon violence first broke out on 17 November between armed Aram camel herders.

Separate clashes erupted in the Krink region of West Darfur between rival groups using automatic weapons.

Analysts say a peace deal signed by some rebel groups in October 2020 was one cause of unrest as local groups jostled for power.

Humanitarian groups said there had been a rise in conflict across the wider Darfur region recently.

It is high time for the transitional government and international community to urgently deal with the bloody reality of this spiraling violence.

Joint Force with Specific Task

To contain the situation, the transitional government is intending to form a joint force to include the armed forces, Rapid Support Forces, police, and general intelligence to stop the violence considering that such joint forces will contribute to stopping the attacks and bring the criminals to book.

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