Lamentations’ Production!

Altaher Satti

The Sudanese economy will never revive unless its environment is improved.

One of the factors of improving the environment is to stop chattering or airing statements that disturb the markets of investments.

The Minister of Finance is addicted to negative statements, as he now and then, keeps crying to the media as if his position is to produce and export the lamentations and not the resources of the country.

The statesman is different from the ordinary people in terms of innovation of the resolutions instead of complaints that do not require efficiency.

Anyhow, a year ago the Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok started the implementation of the Five-year plan.

Hamdok did not reveal the details of his program; but he spoke about five issues that were agreed on as a framework for that program, i.e. economy, the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement, with shifting to the second phase of peace with Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu and Abudlwahid Nour, the balanced foreign relations by standing in equal distance from all countries, achieving transitional and comprehensive justice, and the reformation of civil and military institutions.

From the features of that economic program are the addresses of the PM and the Finance Minister, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim about the free economy, investment and production, and not begging and relying on grants and loans.

Dr. Jibril might not know that the current drop in the economy was a result of the former Finance Minister, Ibrahim Al-Badawi due to its dependence on grants and loans, but he was disappointed by the weak response of the international community. Al-Badawi never spoke about the investments!

Al-Badawi’s policy by increasing the salaries by 569% without any measures of precautions for that increase, It is a big mistake for Dr. Jibril to follow suit the policies of Al-Badawi.

Waiting for the Arab and foreign to give a hand will not pay off for a country that is suffering from corruption to the extent of failing to provide saving-life medicines.

Instead of waiting for the grants, we should think about production and rationalization of expenditure.

To sum it up we argue that our country is rich in terms of all resources as it has millions of arable lands, a good raining season, rivers, minerals, animal wealth, and forests.

With all those resources, the question is why should we become the upper hand instead of the continuous begging which Dr. Jibril is launching.

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