Pakistan’s Efforts Amid Afghan Crisis

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)

Against the backdrop of the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan has the honor to host an extraordinary session of the Organization of Islamic Conference Council of Foreign Ministers in Islamabad on 18-19 December 2021.

There are objectives of the meeting I think that is so important because to express the solidarity of the Muslim Ummah with the Afghan people, to play the Ummah part in containing and reversing the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, especially in terms of food shortages, displacement of people and potential economic collapse, to galvanize international support for the provision of urgent and sustained humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people. To this end, the possibility of a dedicated vehicle under the aegis of the Organization Islamic Conference (OIC) could be considered, and to refocus the attention of the broader international community that the unfolding situation in Afghanistan is not only a humanitarian challenge but could also exacerbate the security situation, spurring instability, causing a mass exodus of refugees and adversely affecting regional and international peace and security.

Afghanistan has passed through a complicated humanitarian crisis in other words we can say Afghanistan currently faces a severe humanitarian crisis – million of Afghans, including women and children, urgently need food, medicine, and other essential living supplies. According to the United Nations World Food Programme, there are around 22.8 million people (more than half of the Afghan Population)are in dire need of food, 3.2 million Afghan children, and 0.7 million pregnant and lactating women are at risk of acute malnutrition.

Today, more than ever before, the Afghan people need the international community’s support including the member states of the Organization Islamic Conference (OIC).

Sudan is among the founding members of OIC, we are quite confident that the Sudanese delegation led by Ambassador Ali Elsadig Ali, undersecretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sudan would play its pivotal role in the upcoming session of the Council of Foreign Ministers.

Here is an important question imposed itself How World can help Afghan people? The International Community is concerned about the situation in Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s international partners want to help. While the provision of urgent and immediate humanitarian support remains a core priority, it is equally important to take steps to prevent an economic meltdown in the country.

If a humanitarian crisis is averted and economic stability is assured, peace in the country can be consolidated. This will also have a regional peace dividend. Continued engagement of the international community with Afghanistan amid crisis is imperative.

The international community can not repeat the mistakes of the past in abandoning the people of Afghanistan. This would be a momentum failure on part of the International Community as a whole to the Afghan people.

Concrete pledges by the international community including the OIC Member States of financial and in-kind support would be important.

Pakistan has a crucial role in the Afghanistan crisis and also exerted great efforts amid Afghan aims to find an effective solution for this crisis. Pakistan has been engaged in intense diplomatic outreach, illustrated by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s contacts with world leaders, Foreign Ministers Qureshi’s visit to 4 neighboring countries of Afghanistan, the establishment of 06 neighboring countries platforms at Pakistan’s initiative, participation in the Moscow format meetings, hosting of Troika plus meetings, etc.

Pakistan believes that the Organization Islamic Conference (OIC) can lead the way in helping our Afghan brothers and sisters. We also believe that the extraordinary session would provide an opportunity to consider practical and concrete steps to help address the humanitarian needs of the Afghan people.

Pakistan also counts on the full support of the OIC Members States and the international community to extend all possible support to the Afghan people in this hour of dire need.

Pakistan will continue to stand by our Afghan brethren, till peace, stability, and prosperity come to Afghanistan.

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