The Deep Solution!

Osman Mirghani

The Sudanese crisis, despite its great discord, is just an example of a quarrel and has nothing to do with the nation or the people.

After 65 years since our independence, we don’t need to repeat the same mistakes and expect different results. Our politicians are running the whole country with an unlimited mandate that allows them to interfere in all the details and decision-making without the need for intuitions or institutionalism.

As long as it is proved that changing the political approach is defective considering that the politician is the only profession that doesn’t need certificates or experiences, it would be better to demarcate the political scene accurately to prevent its administrative overlapping.

The idea is very simple as it depends on the legislation through which the legislative council can come out with the appropriate resolutions.

The minister, even if we classify him as a technocrat, is a politician and under him immediately is the Undersecretary who is assumed to be the top civil service official in the ministry. We should distinguish between politics and the administration. This simply means to enforce the policies and procedures within the ministry and the absolute authorities should be removed from the minister.

The correction of the legislation will allow for institutionalism in the civil service as the undersecretary could not reach this position unless he is qualified and passed through all the steps of promotions.

By doing this one day we can recognize that the general manager of Sudanese railways is more important than the ministry of transport and the governor of Gezira Scheme is more important than the minister of irrigation according to the powers of authority and ability to take the appropriate decision.

We should think outside the box through the elicitation of solutions to our national problems.

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