The Elections!

Mohammed Saad

There should be a new political declaration agreed upon by all the parties towards conducting free and fair elections. The declaration should strictly determine the timetable of its implementation, considering that Sudan’s crisis is always in the finishing where the conflict of interest emerges to abort the democratic process.

Let us understand how the politicians discuss the issue of the nation, language, nature of the dialogue, the levels of understandings, the limits of arguments, and how to collect the ideas to come out with a joint point to build on.

We are undisciplined people and this is a disastrous reality and our politicians are part of us in this regard as they top their partisan interests over the national ones.

The announcement of the timetable of the protests and utilizing the collective emotion of the Sudanese in general besides committing inhumane actions such as sending the kids to the frontlines of the demonstrations and blockading the roads.

The plans of those who have the desire to return to the government seats after their apparent failure during the last three years are exposed and they should, instead of pushing people to demonstrate, set effective electoral programs that lead to real development in all aspects.

This opportunity is still available before they return to square one as weak and fragmented opposition working in favor of who pays more!

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