The GSC Sends Letter to the IAAF Calling for the Establishment of a General Assembly of the Sudanese Athletics Federation

Report: Tasabeh Ahmed

On the eleventh of this December, the government steering committee appointed by the former minister sent a letter to the International Association of Athletics Federations calling for the establishment of a general assembly of the Sudanese Athletics Federation on January 1st under the supervision of the National Commission for Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

In this regard, Brown Land met with Mr. Al-Moez Abbas Mohamed Saleh, president of the Sudanese Athletics Federation, who said that the International Athletics Federation believes that it is not within the role of the National Youth and Sports Commission to hold a general assembly for the Athletics Federation in Sudan, adding that The Sudanese Federation has its system and constitution.

Al-Moez stressed that the Sudanese Athletics Federation keeps pace with the International Athletics Federation in accordance with the 2016 law, which allows the federation to manage its internal affairs by forming independent judicial committees (elections committee and appeal committee), and that the Sudanese Olympic Committee keeps up with the International Federation.

In his speech, he indicated that an invitation was sent by the Federation to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Commission to form the assembly, but they did not respond. 

He explained that the Minister of Youth and Sports had dissolved 12 federations, including the Olympic Committee.

He stated that the government steering committee had called on the first of last January to form the general assembly and addressed the stakeholders in the states and the commission, as he considered it an illegal invitation that he does not recognize because the federation had submitted an appeal in the court and so far no decision has been issued in this regard because the Sudanese judiciary can not take any action unless a minister is appointed.

It is worth noting that the Sudanese Athletics Federation has not received any support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports since 2017.

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