Time Is Running Out!

Osman Mirghani

The big question which should be put on the political research table is could Sudan cross the remaining months of the transitional period safely towards elections time? Unfortunately, there are enormous data and facts which prove that there will be great difficulty to cross the remaining distance till the elections within the current political scene. On top of those facts is the absence of the political will within all the decision-making parties which are connected with the elections process.

For instance, the political parties are not prepared to run the upcoming elections, as if they are assuming that the country will not reach that station. On the other hand, the executive government,  which is assumed to avail the conducive environment for the elections including the electoral law, is also far away from the issue. It seems that the election is just a slogan to satisfy the international community who is urging the government to complete the transitional period safely after which there will be an elected government with a popular delegation.

It is time for Sudan to complete the major institutions e.g. legislative council, constitutional court, supreme judicial council, transitional justice commission, constitution-making commission, etc… All those institutions should start from now, and the prime minister must complete his consultations to establish the required institutions.

The absence of a strategic plan will lead to more complications and the executive body will be unable to complete the mission, but let us hope that Dr. Hamdok manages to work out an urgent plan to make the impossible mission possible.

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