Tut: a Man of Peace

Mohamed Saad

His name has not been mentioned lately in all the media in Sudan and South Sudan except that he was preceded by thanks and praise, even at various social, cultural, and political levels, because there is no dispute over the people’s love for Tut.

Tut Qalwak, or the general, as some of his fans like to call him, is considered one of the leaders who played a pivotal and active role in the Juba peace agreement. He was awarded an honorable medal by President Salva Kiir for succeeding in the mission entrusted to him. Tut is one of the personalities who are preceded by a good impact on the mind, so he finds acceptance as he finds himself in his difficult task at the Juba platform, but he overcame it with his vigor and broad ambition.

So who is Tut Qalwak?

His origins and personality:

Tut Qalwak comes from the Nuer tribe, the Bil branch of the State of Unity. A Muslim of the religion came to the capital, Khartoum, before the separation with the ousted president, coming from the Bentiu region after the coup in 1989, and he became one of the leaders of the south through a popular movement. He took care of the security file inside the palace and the leadership, and after the separation, he went To Salva Kiir to become the head of the security affairs of the southern government, and this matter made him politically balanced.

Some consider that Qalwak’s position and his closeness to the president in advance comes from being one of those who empowered Salva Kiir during the crisis in southern Sudan, which enabled him to be or become an important man in the Juba government and one of the most important close associates of the president in advance, who began entrusting him with all important files and moves, especially Those related to solving problems and receiving delegations. He is a very loyal person in political work, and this is what led him to succeed in his work.

Dangerous and thorny files such as the Juba Peace Agreement with the Sudanese armed struggle movements, Tut had a difficult task represented in reconciling with the parties that were fighting each other, and the major obstacle facing these negotiations was the negative effects of the memories and bitterness that these parties faced over the past years, which It led to the death and marriage of thousands of Sudanese in conflict areas.

It seems from his political plan that he is preoccupied with certain files, most notably the southern peace, in which he played an important role in bridging the rift between the southern parties and reaching with them a road map that brought the nation of South Sudan to the long-awaited peace.

Tut Qalwak was also interested in the shape of relations between Sudan and South Sudan after the separation, as he often called for their improvement and consideration of the interest of the two peoples, taking into account the common history of the two countries.

Tut deserves to be called a man of peace in Africa due to his efforts, which have become visible in all of Africa

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