Who sold out the Nation!

Mohammed Saad

It is shameful for Sudan to live in continuous conflicts, civil and tribal wars since its independence 65 years ago. It is not strange because all our elites and politicians since then were busy repeating the vicious cycle and power hunger.

But alas, after all those failures, General Al-Burhan did what was expected according to the social scene with all its security, economic and social impacts.

Though the step of General Al-Burhan is late, it is better late than never. The corrective step came to put an end to the political chaos which disappointed the Sudanese in general resulting in huge losses in everything.

Those who were removed from the political scene are now fighting day and night to make Dr. Hamdok a betrayer and that he sole out the nation. Those same failed cadres are now fighting to gain the sympathy of the people through trading in the blood of the martyrs, claiming that the end justifies the means.

But Dr. Hamdok, as he is always, is rational and balanced towards dealing with those who were removed because he is keen not only to stop the bloodshed but to boost the peace and sustainable development spirits in our beloved Sudan. This is apparent in his addresses in all forums and social media outlets.

It is high time for the so-called Forces of Freedom and Change (The Central Council)  (FFC/CC)to disregard its political interests for a while and to sit down for a constructive dialogue for the sake of the nation till we reach the elections station which they are afraid of.

The move of Al-Burhan disappointed the FFC/CC and killed their dreams in widening their empowerment as they don’t have any weight among the public.

We conclude by recalling the famous poem of the legend Palestinian poet in which he said: The war will come to an end and the leaders will shake hand with each other; and that old woman is waiting for her martyred son, while that lady us waiting for her beloved husband and those kids are waiting for their hero father. I don’t know who sold out the nation, but I saw who paid the price!

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