66 Years Since Independence: What Is New?

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

On the first day of each year celebrations, pavilions are set up and most government institutions and private sector companies’ buildings are decorated besides the fluttering flags over the buildings.

We celebrate the 66th anniversary of independence as a moment to recall the principles and objectives established by our ancestors.

Every year our officials recall the past events and the struggle of elites until Sudan became an independent state.

The question that poses itself is what did we benefit from the independence during the last sixty-six years?

Every year we discover that we are dropping back while other nations are developing.

We believe that real independence could be felt when our politicians recover and overstep their differences for the sake of Sudan and its people.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, our politicians are the main reasons for the crises surrounding the country.

Following the independence, there were only five or six political parties, and now after 60 years, our political parties exceeded ninety.

What did that large number of political forces provide the country? What are the benefits of those parties to the citizens?

During the last sixty-six years, our economy is tremendously declining despite the potentials of the country including oil production.

We lost the oil revenues due to the miscalculation after the signature of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), as most of the oilfields became part of the state of South Sudan.

We did not utilize the oil revenues in reviving the agricultural projects, which represent the backbone of our economy; instead, we wasted the wealth on unproductive projects.

Sixty-five years passed and armed conflicts are continuing in some parts of the country, and armed movements are still pulling the trigger in an attempt to destabilize security and stability.

Let us hope, while celebrating Independence Day that our politicians rise above all and abandon all that separates us to allow for a homeland that accommodates all.

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