A Presidential Election Could be a Solution

Osman Mirghani

The unification of the civilian component is considered for many of us as the mascot which will bring the country out of its crisis.

But the question that poses itself is how we can create one front to rule the country.

Firstly: We should get rid of the word (civilian) versus (military). The (national) component represents all the Sudanese inside and outside the country in all professions and sectors

Secondly: with this understanding, the civilians can shoulder the political responsibility as they will not belittle the role of the regular forces as this is only what the bases of the modern state needs. Accordingly, the partnership with the regular forces in governance remains from the position of its role in protecting the country and the constitutional situations to which the people aspire.

Thirdly: After that, the regular forces come out of the political process at all levels and the civilians shoulder the responsibility of the political action in the state.

Fourthly: What is required now is the transformation of power in an organized approach agreed on by all components.

Fifthly: The transformation of power is acquiring the admiration of the public and the international community as well whenever it achieves its goals as soon as possible considering that the time factor is crucial.

Sixthly: The major factor in transforming power a success depends on the status of the civilian sector which is supposed to administrate the political process.

Seventhly: There should be consensus over the goals of the transition to be supported by a clear roadmap to achieve those objectives.

Eighthly: Goals are aimed at accomplishing the transformation of power to complete the transitional period.

The Transformation of Power:

I propose Presidential Elections to elect President of the Republic ( with the exclusion of those who were involved in the ousted regime and the nominee should not have dual nationality).

The nominee should be agreed to become a President by acclamation to complete the transitional period.

Accordingly, to complete the transformation of power procedures to the proposed President of the Republic who is assumed to appoint the Prime Minister to run the remaining time of the transitional period?

Parliamentary and Presidential elections could be conducted within one and half years to complete the transitional period and the start of the natural stage.

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