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Demonstrations in Front of the UNITAMS HQ Demanding the Expulsion of it’s Head of Mission, Volker Perthes

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Thousands demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the (UNITAMS) mission in Sudan, calling for the expulsion of Volker Perthes, the head of the mission, and raising slogans denouncing what they described as ‘Volker’s interference in Sudanese affairs’.

Mohamed Al-Bashir Al-Kashi, a member of the Sudanese Coordination Committee for Sovereignty, said “the march submitted a memorandum to the United Nations and demanded that the mission stop its hands-on Sudan. It will only be for the Sudanese, and it will not be for embassies and intelligence that work against Sudan.”

Addressing the parties, Al-Bashir said, “It is a shame that your reference is embassies and missions.” He noted that the march is the first of the rain, and there are other marches, and stressed that the solution to the Sudanese problem is purely national (Sudanese), calling for what he called the sages, politicians, religious leaders, and Sufi order heads to produce Sudanese solutions, and for everyone to rise above the differences and be content with each other, and he asked, “Has the United Nations been able in its history to solve the problem of a state,” accusing the mission of trying to produce problems and dismantling Sudan, fueling the spirit of differences and division between them.

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