GIS: Safe Valve within the Regional and International Challenges

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Sudan has witnessed in recent years dramatic political and security developments a matter that the country seemed to be heading to the examples of Iraq, Syria, Central African Republic(CAR), and other countries which witnessed confusion and turmoil.

To come out of the crisis it was important to resort to the voice of wisdom and sacrifices besides doubling the efforts to cement the pillars of democracy, freedom, stability, and rule of law all over the country.

Sudan is witnessing regional and international involvement due to its strategic location and this requires high alert from the security institutions.

Accordingly, it became a must to have a professional security institution under leadership that recognizes the challenges and how to deal with them to abort any plots targeting the stability of Sudan.

The appointment of 1st Lt. Gen. Ahmed Ibrahim Mufadal on top of the General Intelligence is one of the most important decisions taken by the sovereign council considering that the man is one of the rare security cadres in the. 1st Lt. Gen. Mufadal has been working in all the then National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) directorates on top of which was his leading the Economical Security Directorate, besides his position as deputy to the Chief of the NISS.

It is expected from Gen. Mufadal o play a distinguished role in the political, economic, and intelligence l decision-making in the upcoming stage.

According to experts the appointment of 1st Lt. Gen. Mufadal will make a huge leap in all levels of the security cadres as he is known for his concern on the basic services on the social initiatives which serve the communities and provide the basic services.

Foreign Challenges:

Within the present challenges and the polarization attempts, the country has become subject to foreign intervention a matter that threatens its security, stability, unity, and social fabric.

That being the case it became a must to set a study to deal with those challenges.

This requires national consensus to overcome the challenges, and this puts the General Intelligence Service (GIS) on top of the institutions which are supposed to take the lead through national initiatives, analytic studies for the foreign challenges to stop the activities of the terrorist groups, and foreign intelligence intervention which are actives these days.

The General Intelligence Service under the leadership of 1st;t. gen. Mufadal can protect the country from the threats due to its accumulative experiences and his close follow-up to the events.

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