Guaranteed Recipe

Osman Mirghani

I wrote several times in the media outlets that the radical solution for the Sudanese crises and its chronic dilemmas starts from a core focal point – it is the axis which all the failure cycle revolves around.

The start point is to separate the fate of the citizens from the fate of politics and politicians. We leave what is for politicians to them and what is for the people to them.

The idea is very easy, simple, and applicable from which the comprehensive reform will start in all the details of the public action.

The government in our country is not only a big flabby body, but it is everything in our lives. The government means the ruling group at all levels as it runs the country from (A) to(Z) through absolute power. The people are just unwelcome guests in the house of the government which feeds him from its money and spends on his family.

From this misunderstanding, the government considers all that it provides to the people as just a charity.

What I mean by separating the politics from the administration conceptually is that the politicians enjoy their stay in the Republican Palace and disregard our living conditions or the price hikes because these are the duties of the civil service institutions, and the private sector which have nothing to do with the politics or the politicians.

The implementation of the idea could be through upgrading the (operating system) of the Sudanese state, just like upgrading the computer system or the mobile or other electronic equipment when new versions are introduced.

All that is needed is upgrading the software which runs the country’s machine i.e. the legislations issued by the parliament to organize the political, sovereign, and administrative pitch.

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