The Invitation of Volker

Mohammed Saad

The legendary journalist Eng. Osman Mirghani proposed in one of his columns that Dr. Volker should directly air all the consultations and meetings held between him and the Sudanese parties, after which a roundtable conference could be held.

He subjected his proposal to the desire of the people to see and listen to what is going on behind closed doors.

It is now two weeks since Mirghani wrote his proposal, but it is apparent that Dr. Volker did not respond as nobody knows what is going on behind the closed doors.

Up to this moment, we do not know who assigned himself to be the spokesperson of the Sudanese people from the civilian component, nor do we know who assigned those spokespersons what the criteria of their assignment are or whether they top the national interests over their partisan interests.

However, transparency is required in this stage as it lays the foundation for the upcoming years. It is considered a step forward towards democratic transformation.

It is known that in democratic regimes, transparency is used as a method of accountability and in the fight against corruption.

We believe that when the government meetings are open to the public kt gives a chance for any person to review and recognize the financial actions of the government a matter that paves the way for discussing the legislation and resolutions.

One of the indications that Volker and the agency he belongs to have certain standards in selecting the representatives or say the spokespersons, of the civilians in the country is his affirmation that he met with those and other stakeholders, pointing out that they think that they were betrayed even before the coup and they reject any negotiations or partnership with the army.

Volker added that we cannot disregard the commitment of the men and women to achieve democratic rule led by civilians. This is an implicit indicator that all the Sudanese reject any partnership with the army.

Dear Volker, Do you know that the Sudanese army is the same Sudanese people? Do you that those who reject the partnership with the army do not represent the Sudanese people? Do you know that on social occasions in Sudan it is unacceptable to invite part of the neighbors and neglect others?

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