UNITAMS: SAF and GIS Part of the Consultations

Al-Sammani Awadallah

The initiative launched by the UNSG Special Representative in Sudan Dr.  Volker Perthes on January 8th remained under consultations facilitated by the UN over the political process in Sudan through involving all the Sudanese stakeholders.

The consultations were stalled due to the continuous barricades and the blocking of the bridges, a matter that makes it difficult for the UNITAMS to approach some of the components in the Sudanese political process. Accordingly, the UNITAMS decided to reschedule the already planned consultations.

The UNITAMS has conducted in recent days consultations with representatives from National Umma Party (NUP), Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) – the transitional Council – the Unionist Party, and the Central Committee of the Forces of Freedom and Change.

During the consultations, the participants presented practical proposals on the transition including boosting international support.

The discussions talked about the urgent issues of top priorities, including bringing an end to violence and dealing with the root causes of the Sudanese crisis.

UNITAMS announced the continuation of the consultations next week with the Sudanese political parties, resistance committees in Darfur besides civil society organizations including the women groups, families of the martyrs, representatives of the Sudanese Professional Association (SPA), and the Juba Peace Agreement signatories.

UNITAMS announced the engagement of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the General Intelligence Service (GIS) in the consultation in recognition of the role of those two components in resolving the Sudanese political crisis.

Volker knows very well that SAF and GIS are considered the strongest in Africa and have the capabilities to qualify them to take the lead in finding out the solution for the Sudanese crisis.

The UN envoy knows that the GIS is one of the active components of CISSA and had played role in the formation of the organization and was its chairman for several rounds. GIS has also experience in dealing with illegal migration, human trafficking a matter that made several intelligence organizations ask its support in dealing with those phenomenons.

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