Victims of the Protests in Sudan

Mohammed Saad

It was not in the account of the protest leaders in Sudan that there were victims other than those mentioned in the media, from the martyrs and the injured, who are the owners of daily businesses who directly depend on these works to provide food and other necessities of life, and they are very many in Sudan.

Since the start of the popular revolution in Sudan, which overthrew a rule that lasted for more than thirty years, and Sudan is witnessing further economic and social deterioration.

And so far, calls for protest continue, which further complicates the already collapsed economic conditions, and here is the Minister of Finance, Jibril Ibrahim, alluding to raising the additional support in addition to raising the value of the customs dollar, hinting at the aid promises from the international community that stopped during the past month, which will weigh heavily on the citizens of Sudan.

The United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, by welcoming the United Nations announcement of launching preliminary consultations between all Sudanese parties, including civilians and military, to resolve the crisis in the country is a good thing, but the question remains, will the street movers concede in exchange for stability for the Sudanese, or will they continue to mobilize the street and let Sudan go to hell!

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