Worsening Living Situation

Albashir Ahmed Albashir

A record and unprecedented rise in prices, which the country has not witnessed throughout its history, and despite the stability of the exaggerated for nearly a year after the float of the pound against foreign currencies early last year, as goods and services became difficult to obtain and out of the hands of the Sudanese family, in light of inflation approaching its levels to 400% As well as with low calories, and the stagnation in the markets, in addition to the weak purchasing power, as well as the lifting of subsidies on flour, and beakers working with commercial wheat, which increased the suffering of the citizen.

consequently, the economic situation worsened, and the Sudanese received the new year with a crazy increase in electricity prices, which means high costs of production and thus more pressure on people’s pension Sudan has been without an economic vision, a program, or around mao, for three years that determines the course of the country, and there is no hope, far or near, that explains the way the living situation is going or a starting point that leads us to more towards the desired goal.

The economic situation in the country is on the path of oscillation towards collapse and crisis, as we find many families who can not obtain the requirements of daily life, and lack the minimum level of survival, and hunger threatens 14 million, as well as the lack of life, saving medicines and their high costs, in addition to the increase in transport means and the after don’t consequences burden the citizen, as well as the spread young people, and thus the head of the family is in constant suffering, working day and night and is unable to provide a living, in light of the increase and daily fluctuations in prices, so meals decreased and some families were satisfied with one meal, and others began to live in battle empty intestines.

Does all this happen in a country called the world’s food basket, where? There agricultural lands equivalent to the area of a great country (200) million acres suitable for cultivation, in addition to the rivers and seas that run along the length and breadth of the country, as well as the natural bounties on the surface and interior of the earth, as well as the presence of labor cheap price, and provides all factors and elements of production. the country’s bounties are smuggled through its airports and ports, and some countries even export agricultural products that are only found in Sudan, such as gum arabic and groundnuts, which come to them through smuggling thanks to the plundered and plundered bounties of the country by some of the weak-minded people of my country.

The parties struggle over the seat of power, and the citizen suffers from the American, and they do not have an economic vision for dealing with crises, as they are still increasing day by day and talking on complex and complex dimensions.

The colonizer left and left us three service projects that were the mainstay and support for the national economy, the Jazeera and railway projects in addition to civil service, and now they collapsed and became part of the legacy that history speaks of.

The worsening living situation in Sudan is the result of cumulative policies, starting with the collapse of agricultural and service projects, and military coups that did not leave room for democracy, and this means the absence of a state of institutions and laws that preserve the rights of citizens it reflected negatively on the citizen’s pension, and he now works with his hands and feet for the sake of and is unable to provide a living.

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