No reconciliation… No compromise, and no forgiveness for the villains!

Dr. Mazmul Abu Al-Qasim

Reported in the African Defense Forum magazine: “Residents of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state, mentioned that girls no older than 11 years were sold in the sex market and bought by men from Chad and Niger. Observers noted that a local trader paid around five thousand US dollars for an 11-year-old girl from Khartoum Bahri to return her to her family.”

Similarly, someone I trust told me that the Janjaweed thugs took turns raping a 70-year-old woman in a neighborhood in East Khartoum, violating her honor repeatedly with brutality day and night. Her tears and pleas couldn’t stop them, and the distressed woman had to hide her three daughters in a small pantry attached to her kitchen, fearing for their safety from rape, until she managed to sneak them out of the house safely at night.

And a former player from one of the top teams told me that the Janjaweed thugs kidnapped one of his relatives, took her to an area in South Darfur, and brutally raped her every day before extorting her family by phone, forcing them to pay eight million pounds for her release.

Rebel General Eissam Fadil admitted in front of crowds his inability to release eighty girls and women, kidnapped by the ruthless killers, forcibly taken from Khartoum to Darfur, where they were sold as slaves after being repeatedly raped.

Regarding the appalling crimes that occurred in the states of West Darfur and Gezira, there’s no hesitation in narrating the hundreds, if not thousands, of painful stories and tales that break hearts and bring tears from wounded souls, documenting some of the atrocities suffered by Sudanese women at the hands of the new Tartars who violated all sanctities, committed the most heinous crimes, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, terrorism, sexual violence, and rape of young girls. They kill innocents in cold blood, bury their victims in mass graves, and have no qualms about burning or desecrating bodies, as they did with the body of the slain governor Khamees Abkar and his guards and companions!

The free people of Sudan will neither forget nor reconcile nor forgive the heinous murderers, the rapists, the violators of honor, the thieves, the plunderers, devoid of ethics and upbringing, enemies of religion and country. Nor will they forgive those who supported them, allied with them, or turned a blind eye to their unprecedented violations against the Sudanese people.

It is the duty of the armed forces to pursue the armed campaign to eliminate them, subject them to the authority of the state, disperse their ranks, and defeat them thoroughly. And it is the duty of the judicial state institutions to prosecute the political wing of the rebellion and its allies, to bring them to justice to receive their fair punishment.

*Those who describe the legal actions taken against the allies of criminal militias as political are either hypocrites who refuse to acknowledge the heinous crimes and terrible violations committed by the Rapid Support Forces against millions of Sudanese, or deceitful liars who collude with the forces of rapid killing like their allies, who exerted all their efforts to bury these crimes and allied with the killers openly and secretly, signed political agreements allowing them to manage and rule the occupied areas. They preceded them with threats and intimidation to Sudanese, saying: (Either accept the Framework Agreement or war)!

No one can waive these complaints because most of them relate to private rights and heinous crimes committed against millions of Sudanese, especially since they were filed after strenuous efforts, and their activation was delayed for nearly a year without the slightest justification.

We expect the Public Prosecution to initiate proceedings against the accused residing outside the state’s borders with red notices stamped with the terrorist designation, under the Counter-Terrorism Law, to reclaim them as a prelude to their physical prosecution. And if they remain fugitives and refuse to surrender to the justice institutions, there is no escape from trying them in absentia for committing crimes related to terrorism, which are crimes that allow for trial in absentia, while withdrawing diplomatic passports from those still using them.

Likewise, we expect the Public Prosecution to file other complaints against political leaders who supported the rebellion in meetings with heads of states who openly expressed hostility towards Sudan and its army, who previously demanded disarming the armed forces and denied the legitimacy of the state’s leadership by openly interfering in internal affairs and grossly violating Sudan’s sovereignty.

The army is on the battlefields to defeat the mercenary villains, and the Public Prosecution is in the arenas of justice to bring the political wing and the supporters of the killers to court, so they can be prosecuted by law, enjoying all their constitutional and legal rights and being able to defend themselves and respond to the charges against them. We are confident that they will not escape justice as they are actively involved, and their shame will haunt them for years to come. The Sudanese people themselves will pursue them into exile even if they refuse to appear before the courts and spend the rest of their lives wandering the earth. There is no forgiveness, no compromise, and no reconciliation with traitorous villains.

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