Against the Burning of the Homeland

Dr. Elshafie Khidir Saeid

In our previous articles, we focused on the continuous fragmentation among the Sudanese political elites and actors. We denounced this situation and stated that it will only result in more crisis and failure. But, unfortunately, this situation is not new. It has been repeated throughout the democratic experiences in Sudan, and it played a major role in leading these experiences to failure as well as it remains the fuel for the so-called “evil cycle” in the country, where dictatorships, uprisings, and fragile democracies are alternating.

The state of continuous fragmentations and divisions among the Sudanese political elites confirms the accusations that these elites do not learn from the mistakes they commit, but rather repeat them, and that a state of blindness of insight possesses them so that they do not see the looks of doubt and mistrust that the street and the resistance committees cast upon them. It is not untrue to see on the other side of the story, the well organized and coherent anti-December Revolution groups whose interests were struck by the revolution, waiting and eager to exploit any opportunity to take a further step in the direction of striking the revolution, to restore their lost paradise.

History tells us that delusions saturated with arrogance and refusal to admit mistakes but always blaming others have played a major role in the collapse of great empires throughout history.

Only the states and systems that admit their mistakes can remain alive, evolving, renewable, and have the ability to self-repair and correct.

The fear that their country may fall into the abyss has become an obsession roaming the hearts of all the sons and daughters of the country and immortalizing them. The curse of war will not be confined to its classic fields in Darfur, Blue Nile, and Kordofan, nor to the flames of tribal wars that have been provoked by the hooves of the Ingaz regime. Rather, it is very possible to extend to burn the whole country, if we fail to extinguish its auras and dry up its fuel.

There must be a decisive action so that the homeland does not fall. It is the imposition of the eye and not the imposition of adequacy! Wise people should admit that the disaster is a stone’s throw away. The country has reached a stage where any effort made to serve this group or that affiliation other than to serve the homeland, is a sin!

Hence, it is necessary to break any barriers set between the different pro-democracy groups, so that a new, united bloc is created to save the country, against the causes that transform the cries of difference of opinion into cries of war and attempts to abolish the other, and against what is tearing the body of Sudan to shreds. We shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the place of harm, and we shouldn’t dilute or indulge the rights and demands of the part, claiming that the priority is for the whole, this is a failed equation. This is what we must all think out loud, not for the sake of enjoying thinking and the sweetness of brainstorming, but to create practical plans and implement them so that the country does not fall.

We extend our hands to everyone who agrees with us in building this bloc, regardless of her/his location, or where he/she comes from, as long as she/he opens her/his mind wide to major revisions, and as long as the compass of his/her conscience is leading him/her against the burning of the homeland.

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