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Al-Burhan Confirms the Army will Leave the Politics if a National Consensus is Reached

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Khartoum, February 12, 2022 (SUNA) — Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, said that the army will exit from all political frameworks if a national consensus is reached through the elections.

In a lengthy interview with Sudan TV this evening, Al-Burhan affirmed, “He does not want to rule and does not want the army to rule, noting that since independence Sudan has been revolving in a vicious circle of governance between civilians and the army.”

He pointed out that the constitutional document is tainted by major shortcomings because it occurred between two parties, the Military Council and Freedom and Change, and the isolation of the rest of the Sudanese people from participation, so the course had to be corrected, and this is what led to the events of what happened on the 25th of last October.

Al-Burhan stressed that the transitional period can still allow for dialogues for all political components, and for all parties to reach consensus.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the demonstrations that are emerging calling for the return of the army to the barracks, stressing that this will not happen unless an agreement is reached and legitimacy is found through the elections.

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