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Al-Burhan: Dialogue Is Open With Everyone and the Youth Who Have the Right to Build the State

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Lieutenant-General Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, head of the Sovereignty Council, confirmed that dialogue is open with everyone and that the youth are the owners of the right to build the Sudanese state.

In a lengthy interview with Sudan TV this evening, Al-Burhan stressed that the youth have the right and that the ball is in their court, and we extend our hands to them to dialogue with them again.

In an interview about the Empowerment Removal Committee, Al-Burhan said that the committee deviated from the path, and it is a fact, and the Sudanese people know that.

Al-Burhan explained that those who returned to the civil service were returned by the courts and the judiciary before the decisions of October 25, and said, “We will subject those who were returned by the courts to examination,” indicating the continuity of the work of the committee to remove empowerment as a constitutional right included in the constitutional document, but we will not replace empowerment with empowerment so that we do not have to dismantle it after the elections, stressing that even This moment did not interfere with the work of the Empowerment Removal Review Committee.

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