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Brown Land Launches its First Free Course for Media Professionals in Sudan

Staff Writer

As part of the social responsibility of the Brownland Media Corporation, the Foundation held a free training course for those interested in the English television presentation field in Sudan.

Mr. Mohamed Saad, the owner of the Brown Land Foundation, said: “The Sudanese media suffers from a terrible shortage in the English press, and in English-speaking media in particular, in the audio-visual media.”

Media expert Jamal Al-Din Mustafa stressed the importance of what the Brown Land Foundation has done as a step in the right direction to transfer Sudan’s culture to the outside world, and this is a long-awaited step.

Dr. Yasser Al-Obaid said that Sudan is in desperate need of such activities, especially as the world still knows little about Sudan, and he wished the students success.

It is worth mentioning that the Brown Land Media Foundation is a private institution working in the field of media and consulting, consisting of a physical newspaper, a website, and a news channel concerned with Sudan and Africa.

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