Diplomatic Missions: Breaching the National Sovereignty

Al-Sammani Awadallah

The Sovereign Council has reviewed in its last meeting the missions the report presented by the Acting Foreign Minister, Ambassador Ali Al-Sadiq over the activities of the diplomatic missions and its breaching of national sovereignty.

The report brought back to my memory the three years ago sit-in in front of the Army’s  H.Q. when the then British Ambassador Irfan was staying with the sit-inners as if he is one of them a matter that was questionable to several Sudanese elites for the intrepidity of the man.

It is known that the existence of the diplomatic missions is governed by recognized international norms and legislations, violating which might lead to the immediate severing of the diplomatic relations with any country.

Vienna Charter for the Diplomatic Relations issued in 1961 determined the measures and regulations of the diplomatic work among the countries and stipulates the rights and duties of the diplomatic missions, besides determining the features of the diplomatic immunity and severing the relations.

The purpose of those regulations which control the diplomatic work is to allow the diplomatic mission to conduct its work professionally as representatives of their country.

Back to the report of the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, it is noted that the report did not point out the breaching of the national sovereignty according to what is stated by the Sovereign Council Spokesperson or the steps taken against the violating diplomatic missions.

The diplomatic missions should not intervene in any internal affairs of any country, besides respecting the national sovereignty of that country and this is stipulated in the Vienna Charter of 1961.

The Sovereign Council Spokesperson said that the meeting reviewed the report of the Acting Foreign Minister over the foreign relations and the activities of the diplomatic missions working in Sudan which violates the diplomatic norms and breaches the national sovereignty of Sudan.

According to observers, the report is very dangerous and the government should take serious steps towards the violating diplomatic missions according to what is stipulated in to the international legislations which organize the activities of the diplomatic missions, pointing out to the foreigners who were arrested recently during their participation in the protests, where the concerned authorities took the necessary measures before releasing them.

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