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Sudanese Military: ‘This Institution has the Heart of One Man, and We Strive to Hold the Elections on Time’

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Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan affirmed the serious endeavor to hold elections in the middle of the year 2023 and called on the parties to prepare themselves to contest them, noting that there is a group that does not want to complete the revolution, achieve national consensus, a government of competencies, amend the constitutional document and hold elections.

Al-Burhan said, “From our side, we do not prefer extending the transitional period, and there are proposals that have been submitted for the presidential system to be a hasty solution to the political crisis and a shortcut to the path of transformation.”

Stating that he believes that the military institution is at the heart of only one man and wants to surrender itself to an elected government so that no party will tamper with this institution in light of the existing political differences.

Al-Burhan confirmed in a lengthy interview with Sudan TV this evening that there are no differences within the military system, adding that the Rapid Support Forces are a regular force, recognized by the political forces. “We see that the unification of the army and security arrangements need an elected government.”

Al-Burhan pointed out that the armed forces maintained the country for three years, and said, “We have endured a lot and are ready to sacrifice ourselves until achieving national consensus and elections, and we are the most urgent people for it.”

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