The Conditions of Seriousness

Osman Mirghani

The Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, Dr. Volker when sitting with the Sudanese parties must take an Anti-Amazement vaccine, l sever he will be taken by surprise when he recognizes that several parties have two different stances – one announced and the second is secret -. He will recognize that some parties change their stances round the clock, some have a strong stance but unfortunately, they conclude it by declaring expressions of personal view and not the institution!

To make his mission a success, Dr. Volker should avoid wandering in this barbarous  Sudanese scene, and this could be through imposing seriousness on all the parties to put an end to the current political market which tops the partisan interests over the national ones.

I propose obligating all parties to the standard level of transparency. As long as the discussions are consultative and the dialogue is for national issues, so don’t we let all the Sudanese people follow what is going on behind the scenes.

The bilateral discussions between Dr. Volker and the Sudanese parties separately should be aired to allow the citizens to hear and see how the leaders are discussing the means of coming out of the crisis.

However, some Sudanese components will deal with the bilateral discussions with Dr. Volker as a pastime, so they will come to the meeting without any preparation or concentration, but at the same time other components will exert all possible efforts to prepare for the meeting but without the required experience and accordingly its visions come poor in its content.

In conclusion, the political understanding varies from one party to another, but this should be recognized by the citizens.

I expect that some parties will pull out if Dr. Volker insists on transparency and airing the discussions, and that is because they don’t have the desire and are unable to practice such obligation.

It is true that some other parties and components are serious and are qualified to administrate productive dialogue. Such components should be rewarded by airing their dialogue directly because this will raise their rank by the people.

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