The First Steps

Mohammed Saad Kamel

At last, Gen. Al-Burhan said what we all were waiting for in the importance of recovering our sovereignty to its appropriate position. This came through his answering the critical questions of the Constructive Dialogue program aired by the Sudanese National TV Channel.

He defused the continuous threats of the US Administration regarding imposing sanctions on the military component as he said that those threats are not effective, adding that those who provide the international community with information are hostile parties to serve its interests.

 He also put it clear that the UNITAMS mandate doesn’t exceed the mediation through calling on all the stakeholders for dialogue.

On the activities of the dissolved Empowerment Dismantling Committee, among other things, Al-Burhan affirmed that the said committee had deviated from its mandate.

Those responses from the President of the Sovereign Council were met be relief from the public though it came late; it is better late than never.

Sudanese are aspiring for more decisions on the issue of national sovereignty, considering that since the fall of Al-Bashir’s regime the sovereignty of Sudan is subject to contravention internally and externally through activists and some political parties a matter that resulted in making Sudan a core of regional and international intelligence conflict.

This issue should be dealt with to avoid dragging Sudan into disastrous consequences where the international community could not be able to rescue it.

The chance is now available for Gen. Al-Burhan to go ahead in his reforms, but at the same time, he should consider that any delay is not in favor of the country which is heading towards total economic collapse.

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