Time Capsule!

Osman Mirghani

Imagination is the best of what human beings own. Without imagination, we couldn’t have enjoyed our modern life. For instance, when man imagined that he can fly like birds, he started making artificial wings. It is true that he failed at the beginning but at last, after a series of attempts, he managed to manufacture the airplane.

Now, let us use our imagination in important journeys:

The first journey:  Let us imagine that we are in the year 2050. What would Sudan be like? What Khartoum could be like? Is our government at that time still holding an annual meeting every year to discuss the preparation for the rainy season? Are there crises in wheat, flour, fuel, electricity, and drugs?

The second journey: Let us imagine that we are in the year 2030: Is the transitional period valid? Is Sudan dealing with the issues of transition, dismantling empowerment? Is the government still attributing its failure to the ousted regime that fell eleven years ago? Is the legislative council formed? Are there still Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) that continue practicing splits within itself to create new factions? Did the government complete the process of security arrangement?

The big question which poses itself is do we have a plan for the second year?

The leadership of the state is just like flying an airplane? Can anybody assume that the pilot on the air doesn’t know his destination, when he will arrive, and does he have sufficient fuel?

Not only the pilot, but also the passengers can anyone think that they do not know its destination and just say that they are confident in the pilot, so it is not important to know where he is flying to?

What confuses me is that any question about the plan of the government is closer to becoming an accusation, or even constituting infidelity to the factions holding the reins.

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