A National Component Is Better

Osman Mirghani

One of the most significant aspects of the Sudanese crisis is the making of hatred which divides the components of the Sudanese state into antagonistic particles e.g. the military component in the confrontation of the civilian component.

This division emerged at the beginning of the December revolution to describe the partnership between the military and the civilian components in the sovereign council as stipulated in the constitutional document, but unfortunately, the concept of the “Civilian Component” in the confrontation of the “Military Component” expanded horizontally and vertically to include the people in a confrontation of all the regular forces.

Since then the danger of this componential division started after the wall of hatred rose till it reached its edge through the ongoing protests which raised the slogans of (no partnership, no negotiations, and no compromise) which are addressing and targeting the military component.

Some might think that those are just formal labels but in fact, the classification resulted in a type of dangerous confrontation although the civilian and military components represent the core of the Sudanese state.

I hereby propose the abolition of the two terms – military and civilian components – and replace them with a “National Component” which expresses the whole nation without any discrimination. The militarian is not a tribe or a blood sample but it is a career of more than one million Sudanese people (including the retired officers and soldiers).

When a civilian Sudanese lined up in the queue to buy bread from the bakery, directly behind him there might be another citizen working in one of the regular forces,

It would be wiser if we use the term “National Component” to bring the whole nation within one frame to agree on the goals.

Let us work together to remove the hatred walls to expand the areas of our beloved Sudan.

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