Dagalo in Port Sudan: Objectives of the Visit

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has spent several days in Port Sudan, the capital city of the Red Sea State, during which he held intensive meetings after which several directives were issued to push forward the economic cycle besides refuting any allegations on about the ownership of Port Sudan harbor.

No doubt the visit was timely as it comes after the widespread rumors that the Port Sudan harbor will be sold to the government of the UAE after the recent visit of the President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Al-Burhan to Abu Dhabi.

The visit comes within the endeavors of the government to make the required reforms to revive the deteriorating economy.

During the visit, Dagalo addressed the Red Sea Youth Business Development Forum where he underscored the need to pay close attention to and intensively trains the country’s youths. He called on young people to rally around national principles while stressing that regionalism and tribalism must be renounced nationwide. He added that all Sudanese people must work together to develop the country and help it compete globally using its vast resources.

Dagalo also announced his support for programs and initiatives aimed at raising the capacity of the younger generation, enhancing their experiences, and reducing unemployment. He noted that countries succeed through innovation, imagination, and hard work of their youths – and this can only be achieved through unity, inclusiveness, and integration.

They emphasized that there is no place for tribal bias in the future of Sudan.

He also announced a 5 million donation SDG for the training center.

Dagalo chaired the Red Sea State Chamber of Commerce meeting in the presence of the governor, officials, and economic experts. 

The representative of the chamber, Salih Salah Salih said that the meeting addressed an assortment of issues related to challenges facing import and export at the harbors.

He added that various obstacles were discussed and broad arrays of solutions were proposed at the meeting. He also underscored the government’s readiness to tackle the difficulties facing ports to improve Sudan’s economy.

Dagalo stressed the importance of providing port workers with continuous training and proper employment conditions.

Most importantly are the directives of Dagalo to increase the working hours in the port to strengthen the flow of goods, besides declaring Saturday as a working day at Sudan’s main port.

During his visit to several ports including South, North, and Khair port, Dagalo was briefed on the work of the ports, and the major challenges facing it.

He stressed that the government is working to ensure a thriving environment for Sudan’s ports and the local population residing in the area.

While addressing port officials and employees of the main port, Dagalo stated that country’s main port is not undergoing privatization or sale. Instead, he said, Sudan’s main port needs to be developed and maintained.

Dagalo referred to statements about the port’s imminent privatization as “baseless rumors”, adding that great efforts will be made to develop and internationalize Sudan’s ports.

He called the development of ports one of the utmost priorities of the Sudanese government.

Security Concerns:

During his visit to the Red Sea State, Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo chaired a meeting of the Red Sea State General Secretariat’s Security and Defence Committee in Port Sudan.

Dagalo was briefed by the Governor of the State, Ali Abdallah Adarob, who is the head of the committee, on the security situation in the state, as well as efforts to maintain peace and stability.

In a press statement, Adarob said myriad issues were addressed at the meeting including the water problem in Port Sudan. He underscored the need to rehabilitate and maintain local reservoirs to contribute to resolving the water shortages in the State.

Dagalo went on to laud the efforts of the committee to maintain security and peace.

Meanwhile, Vice President Dagalo discussed the various challenges facing the port, stressing the importance of coordinating with related bodies to overcome difficulties in import and export operations, as well as to provide the port’s employees with continued training.

The meeting also covered the need to build new ports in addition to the ports of Oseif and Haydoub.

Dagalo promised to support the efforts of the security forces to combat smuggling and narcotics.

The visit was a success and fruitful as a matrix was set to deal with all the defects, besides the signature of 5 MoUs to rehabilitate and improve the work in the ports.

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