Delegation of Power to the GIS Required to Curb Counterfeiting Networks

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Sudan is subject to organized attacks aiming at destroying its economic capabilities to push the country to the abyss.

The General Intelligence Service (GIS) revealed the arrest of a criminal network active in counterfeiting the customs US dollar for selling purposes.

The GIS authorities said in their statement that the counterfeiting gang was preparing US$400 thousand to sell when the concerned department in GIS managed to reach the office of the network through a strict plan. The counterfeiting network included foreigners and the arrested persons and the seized counterfeited dollars were transferred to the prosecution to complete the legal procedures to bring them to book.

Arrangements to Curb the Speculators

Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo said that a joint meeting between him and the President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan was held to discuss the issue of speculations in the US dollar market.

He said while addressing a mass rally in the Al-Aghar area (west of Managel) on the occasion of inaugurating Cheiftian Awad Al-Jeed Mohamed as head of Kawala Walia tribe, that the joint meeting between his and the President stressed the importance of taking legal procedures towards the speculations in the US dollar market, affirming that they pledged to impose the law even against their sons.

Dagalo added that the speculations in the US dollar are the main cause of price hikes in the commodities, pointing out the economic former economic emergency committee had issued 51 resolutions but only one of those resolutions was adopted.

He added that there is any justification for the exchange rate of the US dollar to reach SDG800 or SDG750, but this is due to the absence of monitoring and controlling the market.

Dagalo called on the protesters to stop blockading the streets, and instead, they should guard the petrol stations and groceries, affirming that there will be strict monitoring to stop the price hikes, affirming that the main problem is corruption and not the price hikes.

In his address, Dagalo called on the political parties to reconcile instead of the ongoing wrangling

Delegation of Power to the GIS

According to experts, the joint meeting between Al-Burhan and Dagalo was supposed to come out with a recommendation to give the General Intelligence Service (GIS) more powers to stop the speculations.

The experts affirm that giving more powers to the GIS will stop the speculations, hence putting an end to the deterioration of the economy besides stopping the current absurd in the Sudanese arena.

According to experts, foreign governments and international organizations are supporting counterfeiting networks through modern technologies.

Expert Mohamed Al-Zain said that Sudan is subject to hostile activities conducted by western countries to increase the economic suffering, pointing out the arrest of the counterfeiting network which came in coincidence with the Troika statement and international warning that Sudan might be classified as one of the failed states group.

The counterfeiting contributes to increasing crimes and the decline in the security situations including the weapons and ammunitions trade besides the trading in expired commodities.

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