Divergent Scenes

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

It is apparent that the protests will not stop and that the youth will continue taking to the streets despite the excessive force and the strict security measures taken by the government.

The youth will continue their protests and insist on heightening the ceiling of their demands every day as long as the fierce response of the security authorities claims several lives daily besides tens of injuries.

I believe that the youth have become the difficult and the strongest figure in our political equation, and that is proved by their continuous demonstrations despite all the attempts to calm down the situation.

This means that the youth have overstepped all the political process parties, along with overstepping all the political approaches which are aired now and then.

Ironically the political parties are now out of the present political equation and their struggle role is only through forwarding initiatives and airing statements on the media just to prove that there are political movements.

The leaders of the political parties failed to convince the youths to join their failed attempts considering that those political parties have no practical existence among the youth or the public in general.

Now the battle is between two sides i.e. the youth who are taking to the streets and the military component with all its classifications.

What is feared now is that the battle continues for a long time if each party sticks to its stance and tries to impose the de facto policy on the other party.

The military component has the power and the suppression tools while the youth own the determination and challenge.

This means that it is a win-win battle and in this case, the Sudanese people are the only losers.

Accordingly, the only solution is that the military component overcomes the political parties and components to enter into direct and transparent dialogue with the youth.

The military component should listen to the demands of the youth which might lead to a kind of political partnership to enable the country to cross the transitional period to its end towards the aspired democratic transformation.

On the other hand, the youth should unify ranks and nominate their representatives to include all states besides prioritizing their demands, because the ongoing protests which have no specific demands or leaderships will not lead to any result even if the numbers of protestors increase or become daily.

The two sides should not raise incapacitating demands and the demands should be set according to agreed on priorities in order the guarantee minimal compatibility to avoid dragging into chaos.

This article might anger the political parties and components, but it remains the ugly truth that the protesting youth are fading up with the political parties and that the political parties are no longer trustworthy.

I think that the political component is hoping to enter into transparent dialogue with the strongest party in the political arena which is the protesting youth.

If the military component succeeded in agreeing with the youth all the Sudanese people will sigh as the protests will stop and there will be no more deaths or injuries.

The agreement between the military component and the youth will achieve the goals of protecting the revolution till the elections and handing the power to an elected government.

God bless Sudan and its people.

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