“Made in Sudan” Exhibition Kicks Off Sunday

Haffiya Abdalla 

Khartoum — The Ministry of Industry, in cooperation with the Chambers of Industries Association and the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Companies announced the launching of the “Made in Sudan” exhibition from March 27 until April 7.

The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Industry in cooperation with the Chambers of Industries Association and Sudanese Free Zones and Markets Company.

Representative of the Minister of Industry, Director of Investment, Dr.Nuha Mohamed Ahmed, in a press conference, the exhibition aims to encourage local production, and to shed light on all national companies and organizations within the country, adding that the Sovereign Council and the Ministry of Finance approved to remove the 17% value-added tax (VAT) on consumers inside the Made in Sudan exhibition. 

She explained that the exhibition comes within the framework of interest of the industrial sector to benefit from the added value of the local raw materials for the product, and to provide job opportunities for youth, craftsmen, women, and entrepreneurs, in addition, to enhancing consumer confidence in the local product, and providing difficult work through self-sufficiency in goods.

75 companies and factories will participate during the exhibition, and expected the exhibition’s success despite the challenges facing the industrial sector, she said.

She stated that the exhibition provided a space for women and the disabled, by providing opportunities for handicrafts

Ramadan Hassan Ahmed, Representative of the Director-General of the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Duty-Free, indicated that the launch of the exhibition coincided with “exceptional circumstances.”

Stressing Sudan’s ability to play a positive role in addressing the food crisis, stressing the partnership between the Ministry and the Sudanese Free Zones Company, to market Sudanese products and commodities, develop industry, encourage producers, pioneers, and small industries, and overcome challenges. that confrontsIndustrial sector.

The Director of the Exhibitions and Conferences Administration, Abdul-Wahab Mohamed Ali, said in a press conference that this exhibition session comes in the framework within the framework of the efforts to reduce the burden of living and to reflect the high quality of the national industry.

He added that the exhibition contains food, cleaners, and clothes, as well as leather goods, accessories, household utensils, and electrical equipment

It is worth noting that Acting Minister of Industry Batoul Abbas Awad Alaam has issued a ministerial decision stipulating the formation of a specialized committee for the organization of the “Made-in-Sudan” Exhibition, which is chaired by her and membership of others.

The committee is assigned to supervise the holding of the 12th session of the exhibition by the end of the next Mach at Burri Fair Ground in Khartoum.

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