Popular Economy: A Great Idea

Osman Mirghani

I bought a big quantity of tomatoes at a very cheap price because this is the season of its harvest and the prices fall because it is a commodity that could not be stored.

In my village in the neighborhood of greater Khartoum, most of the farmers used to sell their harvested tomatoes with the cheapest price to be picked from their farms by the purchaser to avoid the cost of its transport which might lead to losses and not the expected profits.

Accordingly was can consider the fall of the prices as a mercy and not a curse, but the collapse of the prices is a curse to the farmer which he loses so his ability to invest will also be affected a matter that might lead to his quitting the profession, hence join the queue of beggars on the stoplights of Khartoum streets.

However, we can develop the “popular economy” to support the total economy of the country.

For me I transferred the tomatoes I bought into sauce through a very simple process in my home.

To practice a more popular economy I just used a solar energy heater which was introduced by Prof. Saleh Hamadtu.

The final product was a quantity of sauce that can last for one year at least with little cost.

Most importantly is that I boosted the added value of tomatoes besides practicing a degree of food processing manufacturing.

If the housewives used my idea the demand for tomatoes will be higher a matter that might help the farmers in selling their product at profitable prices, and this will lead to increasing the plantation of tomatoes in the future.

As long as we manage to manufacture the local sauce from tomatoes the import of sauce will decline a matter that will save hard currency.

Here I am not discussing the establishment of transformative industries and constructing huge factories, because this is a governmental concern.

I am just discussing the popular economy which I suggest that we should improve through expanding the house production cycle and the small transformative industries.

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