Ramadan Mubarak

Mohammed Saad

The Year ran by so fast. Ramadan is back. It is again time to slow down, re-evaluate our deeds, purify our hearts, and renew our intentions.

It is a time for restoring our energy and ridding our hearts of worldly attachments along with ridding our bodies of toxins. Let’s try to gain all the spiritual benefits of this holy month.

As fasting is a lesson in patience and self-control. It builds strong willpower, sincerity, and devotion as it gives us the strength to overcome our human cravings and temptations and restore the command of our souls over our bodies. It feeds the soul with freedom, dignity, and awe. It gives us peace, serenity, and devotion.

As you fast this year, remember the million homeless, poor and needy. Remember the ill and the less fortunate. Fill your heart with gratitude and compassion and as you purify your heart, purify your thoughts, deeds, and action. Be positive. Don’t just think about them. See what you can do. Volunteer for a good cause; share your time, effort, or money.

As you engage in your normal daily routine, try to exert extra time and effort for soul purification through strengthening family ties, helping others, controlling your temper, and tempering your words and acts with forethought.

Fasting is a true lesson in morality and ethics. It spreads the spirit of forgiveness and peace, love and compassion. Awareness is your key to gaining all those great benefits. Be aware of each moment, of each thought and act. Be mindful of your countless blessings and your endless boons.

Above all be mindful of your thoughts, words, actions, and reactions. Our Prophet PBUH said: “Some people who fast gain nothing beyond hunger and thirst”.

Ramadan is also a great opportunity to teach a lot to our children.

Ramadan Mubarak

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