The Present Scene

Mohammed Saad Kamel

According to a report published in Reuters, Sudan is heading to economic collapse after the 25th of October coup. The report said that the exports declined by 85% and the exchange rate collapsed.

This comes after considerable economic revival indicators before the coup. Now billions of international organizations’ financial support stopped and there is a daily increase in fuel, health services, and taxation.

The report gives a gloomy image for the business sector and the plans due to the unclear political horizon and the absence of any indicators for a political compromise that might lead to getting out of this crisis.

Politically, the Baath Socialist party described the charter of the resistance committees as expulsive and did not recognize the Forces of Freedom and Change besides disregarding the constitutional document.

On the other hand, the Sudanese Communist Party welcomed the charter and announced that the party is subjecting it to consultations.

Baath Party Spokesperson, Adil Khalfallah criticized the charter describing it as laying the foundations for dictatorship by putting all the power in the hands of the Prime Minister.

The Sudanese people are in daily suffering due to the price hikes and the absence of basic services, while the Minister of Finance is imposing more levies and burden on the suffering citizens besides his announcing that there is a deficit in the budget so the government is unable to fulfill its pledges towards increasing the salaries and wages.

The popular protests that the political parties are supporting hindered the economic course and led to the stopping of all the economic activities in Sudan.

The only way out for the Sudanese is to expedite the steps to conduct the elections to hand the power to an elected government.

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