Where Are the Funds Recovered by the Empowerment Removal Committee?

Mohammed Saad Kamel

While I was driving my car in Khartoum bumpy streets, my friend Ashraf asked me – after I attempted to avoid a big hole through getting off the road – where are the billions of pounds recovered by the Empowerment Removal Committee which its members announced in their weekly press conferences?

Ashraf added, “Why didn’t we feel that those funds were utilized in improving the basic services including the roads and bridges?”

All that happened is just press conferences which are dominated by spirits of unjustifiable personal revenge.

It is apparent these days that the trend of allowing the military to rule the rest of the transitional period is escalating after the civilians failed to run the government.

Even the army when it took over on 25th October 2021 did not manage, up to this moment, to achieve the minimums of what it promised to do.

There is an argument among the civilians that the reason for the failure in running the transitional period is the deep state which seemed to be untrue.

But now the leaders of the 25th October movement failed even to find any justification for their fiasco.

All that happened is just moves here and there, besides some foreign trips, but the situation is still deteriorating.

It is high time for the military, which is a reputable institution with cumulative experience, to take practical steps that directly touch the .basic needs of the citizens, besides enlightening the people about the progress in its moves, besides informing about the fate of the funds recovered by the dissolved Committee.

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